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Bishnu Adhikari

Have you ever wanted to make a difference and wondered how to make it happen? Come meet Bishnu Adhikari, speaking in conjunction with the award-winning film Highway to Dhampus, and learn how the determination of one person can create real and lasting change.


Bishnu grew up in the small Nepali village of Okhalepani. He was the recipient of a school sponsorship program, which allowed him to further his educational desires and paved the way for his future humanitarian work. This led Bishnu to attend school in Russia and obtain a master’s degree in Engineering.


After his schooling, Bishnu returned home and decided to dedicate himself to helping others improve the quality of their lives. He has since been involved with numerous humanitarian organizations, including CHOICE Humanitarian. Bishnu’s focus is in helping people become empowered in order to create self-sustainable communities.


To learn more, attend the showing of Highway to Dhampus on February 9, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. in the BYU Harold B. Lee Library, room 1060. After the film, Bishnu and Rick McFarland, writer and director of Highway to Dhampus, will be participating in a Q&A session. Come and learn more about what inspired these individuals to take action and change lives.

by Shannon Tuttle

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