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A Special Engagement Benefit Screening of the award-winning film, Highway to Dhampus, will raise money to build 15 homes in Nepal for 15 needy families who lost their homes last year in the devastating earthquake.  We are so grateful to be partnering with Chandra Adhikari, who is on the ground in Nepal working every day to bring relief to the earthquake victims.  You can read more about Chandra by clicking on his blog on this site.  You can also read more about one of the 15 families who will benefit from this fundraiser by clicking on our blog page"Meet Sanumaya."


100% of net ticket sales and 100% of all donations will be sent directly to Chandra thru Mind The Gap Worldwide.   

Our goal for this event is to raise $12,000

to build 15 homes for 15 needy families!  


You can help us reach this goal by purchasing tickets for the screening of Highway To Dhampus on April 25, 2016 at The Tower Theater in SLC and by sharing this information with your circle of friends.  


Purchase tickets here:


At the event you may also make cash donations and/or bid on items at our silent auction.  You may also make donations directly through this website by clicking on the "Donate" tab near the top of the page.


There will be a special Q & A after the screening with the writer and director of the film, Rick McFarland, and with his wife Kathy McFarland, President of Mind The Gap Worldwide.


Want to watch the Trailer for the film, do so on our home page or by going to:


Want to know how we got involved in this project, read on...


Rick McFarland, writer and director of the film, first went to Nepal to make a movie, while there he saw poverty first-hand and was changed in ways he would have never imagined.  The result of his trips to Nepal is the award-winning film, Highway to Dhampus, a beautiful and compelling drama about love, redemption, change, and giving.  This film is a perfect offering to our audience for this fundraising event.


Please join us at The Tower Theater on the 1-year anniversary of the Nepal Earthquake and let's build homes for Sanumaya and the 14 other families who desperately need our help!

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