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Support in Constructing Permanent Houses 

Meet Sanumaya B.K. from Nuwakot Nepal. Her husband is working in Gulf country. She has two children: a four year old and an 18 month old.   Her father and mother-in-law live with her. These six people used to hide themselves in this home before the earthquake. But the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in April 25, 2015 took away their home. Since then they are living under tarps. 


In Sanumaya's experience life was already difficult and became even tougher after the earthquake. Now, Sanumaya and her family members are struggling to build a safe place where they can hide themselves. Sanumaya is one of the examples among those victims who are struggling. 


During our conversation Sanumaya said, "We suffered a lot during the last monsoon. Another rainy season is approaching us and we still do not have a place to hide. We were hoping to have a home by the next monsoon but it will be a dream if the situation remains same and the government does not play proper role to support the earthquake victims. She further said, "Nepal Government took almost a year just to form a Reconstruction Authority. I don't know when they will make plan and provide support. Looks like we need to wait years to get the support."  


To avoid duplicity in support the Government of Nepal recently published a law that provides details on supporting the earthquake victims. As per this law the victims can receive two different kinds of support. The first one is the grant support of NRs-200,000.00 and the other one is NRs- 1,500,000.00 soft loan. If any family receives one of these supports then they cannot receive the other supports either from government or from the other organizations.  So instead of waiting for the government support Sanumaya's family decided to receive the Grants support from PDF and build the permanent house before the monsoon. PDF is planning to support 15 families this year. Three families including Sanumaya's family even started the construction. 


Analyzing and evaluating the family situation PDF support will be from NRs-50,000 to NRs-200,000.00 per family. Widows, lonely and elderly couples will be in first priority to receive NRs-200,000.00 grants. For 15 families we need about NRs- 1,800,000.00 (about $ 18,000). We will manage the rest if we received $ 12,000.00. Your thoughtful and considerate act will bless the life of these unfortunate people and provide them home before the upcoming monsoon.

by Chandra Adhikari

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