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Meet Sumitra 

A recent report from Chandra Adhikari, our partner in Nepal. In his own words:

Meet Sumitra Poudel one of the residences of Tupche, Nuwakot. She had a small hut that was also destroyed by the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in 25th April 2015. Since then she is hiding herself in a very tiny shed where she spent a rainy and a winter season which is even difficult to imagine. Another rainy season is approaching the victims very closely and they still do not have the place except the sheds like Sumitra have.

As we went inside of her shed where she is living now, see the very limited stuffs that she has and noticed the simplicity of her life, we realize that her life is challenging to those lives that would like to find joy and luxury in their wealth. Her life is a living example that a person can have happiness and satisfaction in her/his life if s/he enjoys with the resources that s/he has. Her life tells and teaches a lot.

When the PDF team reached to Tupche, Nuwakot Sumitra was working in the field near to her tiny shed that was almost covered with the corn trees. As she saw us, she approached us with great smile in her face. We spent an hour with her. During our stay, she explained all the hardship she was facing. After listening the hardship she is facing now, I realized deeply, how a person can be happy as she was, in those difficult circumstances?

She is staying alone in that tiny shed. When there will be rain her shed roof cannot hold the water and she need to run to her neighbor’s house to be protected from the rain. When there will be sun it's too hot and she has hard to be inside.She does not have a piece of land. Locals arranged a piece of land for her where she is constructing a house that will be ready for her within couple of months.

Chandra Adhikari

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