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In 25 April 2015 the devastating earthquake struck Nepal. The destruction still can be seen in all over Nepal. The surveys that were done after the earthquake from the government of Nepal and other different originations categorized in three levels. Out of 75 districts 14 are in 1st category, 21 are in 2nd category and remaining 40 are in 3rd category and Nuwakot is one of those 14 districts where distraction was very bad.  


One of the reports shows that about 8,856 people were died, 22,309 were injured, 602,257 houses were destroyed, 185,099 houses were damaged, 6,430 government buildings were damaged, 35,000: Number of classrooms were destroyed, nearly 1 million of children left with no school, 956 hospitals and clinics were damaged very badly and the destruction was huge. 700,000 people were pushed into poverty because of the earthquake.  


Many public heritages including water systems were damaged badly. Because of this reason more than 50 families of Tupche, Nuwakot were forced to go to spring that is about an hour far from the village just to collect a bucket of water.


Realizing their need, People's Development Foundation (PDF) was committed to help them to repair their water system. By the support provided through and other generous individuals and organizations, these families were able to repair their water system. Now, the water is in their home and they are constructing reservoir tank for the collection of water. One of the beneficiaries Mr. Tilak said, "We, especially our women were suffering a lot because of the destruction of our water system. Last two years after the earthquake were terrible. We were unable to take shower months and months since there was water scarcity. We neither have resources to repair our system nor the connection to the possible resources. PDF came as an angle and provided invaluable support which cannot be express in words."


As per the villagers, the pipeline extension to some more families and 20 m3 reservoir construction work is going on. Since there huge scarcity of water the villagers decided to have direction connection the the spring source and provide water that makes huge relief to the local women. During our conversation to the local women each of them that we have conversation were so happy to have water at their home.   


Tupche Water Supply Project

Foundation for reservoir         
Pipe line trench for the extension line
One of the houses under reconstruction
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